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  • MFP's

    Embrace top-tier printing performance with National Marketer’s diverse selection of printers and MFPs. From detailed mono to vibrant color outputs, and sizes ranging from the convenient A4 to the larger A3, our offerings cater to every requirement. Whether it's the simplicity desired for individual home setups, or the intricate robustness required by large enterprises, we have a solution tailored to fit.

    Central to our offerings is the revolutionary Kyocera ECOSYS concept which is sustainable and cost-efficient printing. The ECOSYS concept isn't just about cutting-edge printing; it's a promise of long-term value with an impressively low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and high-yield consumables, designed to reduce waste and promote longer usage cycles.

    Contact us today to find the perfect MFP solution for your workspace and to explore our wide range of printers that can elevate your office’s printing capabilities.


    Experience a paradigm shift in how you approach printing with our Managed Print Services (MPS). We understand the challenges of capital-intensive printing solutions—from the intricacies of procuring machines, maintenance, and to the hurdles of consumable procurement. Our MPS is tailored to transform these challenges into effortless experiences.

    Complete Equipment Provision: Say goodbye to the hassles of machine procurement. We provide state-of-the-art printing equipment, ensuring optimal performance tailored to your needs, turning printing from a capital expenditure (CapEx) into an operational expense (OpEx).

    MyQ Print Management Software: Elevate your print management efficiency with MyQ, an intuitive platform that seamlessly integrates into our MPS, offering easy monitoring, and enhanced user experience. With proactive maintenance, automated consumable replenishment, and real-time monitoring, we ensure your print operations remain uninterrupted and efficient.


    Looking for reliable scanners to streamline your document management? National Marketers PLC has you covered. Explore our range of high-quality desktop and production scanners alonside document managment softwares. 

    These scanners offer exceptional scanning quality, fast processing speeds, and versatile document handling capabilities. Whether you need to digitize invoices, contracts, or other important documents, our scanners provide efficient and accurate results. Trust  National Marketers PLC to enhance your document management workflow.

    Contact us today to discover the perfect scanner solution for your business.


    Enhance your presentations and displays with the selection of projectors and displays from National Marketers PLC. We offer a variety of high-quality options to suit your needs.Our projectors are known for their exceptional color accuracy and brightness. They feature long-lasting lamps that reduce maintenance costs and are designed for collaborative environments, offering advanced connectivity for seamless content sharing.

    Find the ideal projector or display to take your presentations to the next level. Get in touch with National Marketers PLC today.



      Step into the future of operational excellence with our comprehensive software and ERP solutions, tailored to address the intricate demands of modern businesses.

      Power your business with SAP Business One, a globally acclaimed enterprise resource planning tool. Experience the synergy of integrated business functions for enhanced efficiency, real-time data analytics, and informed decision-making.

      Integrated Time Attendance, HR Management, & Access Control: Our innovative solutions seamlessly combine time tracking, HR operations, and physical access control.

      Document Management Solutions: Revolutionize how you manage information. With our document management tools, enjoy the benefits of secure data storage, instant retrieval, and collaborative functionalities, ensuring optimal data utilization and management.

      Harness the power of advanced technology and innovation. Whether you're looking to streamline operations, bolster productivity, or enhance strategic planning, our software and ERP solutions are your partners in success.


      Welcome to the new age of educational transformation, anchored by our state-of-the-art Learning Management System (LMS). Specifically tailored for academic institutions, our LMS offers an all-encompassing solution for today's complex educational environments.

      Our system seamlessly integrates with identity issuance solutions, ensuring students and staff have unified and secure digital identities. Coupled with physical access control, visitor management systems, and advanced surveillance.

      End-to-End Operational Excellence: Our LMS supports the entire academic lifecycle, from student applications to alumni engagement. Educators benefit from advanced tools enhancing teaching and collaboration. Integrated HR functions streamline recruitment and staff development, while our system simplifies procurement processes and offers robust financial management tools, ensuring seamless operations across all university departments.

      With integration to leading payment solutions like TeleBirr and CBEBirr, students and staff enjoy a hassle-free digital transaction experience, be it for tuition fees, resources, or any other campus-related expenses.

      The trust placed in our LMS by Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia's largest academic institution with over 16 distinct colleges, stands as a testament to its robustness, versatility, and ability to cater to diverse and extensive user needs.

    • Power Backup Solutions

      Ensuring a continuous power supply is essential for the seamless functioning of your business. At National Marketers PLC, we provide a variety of power backup options. These include UPS systems suitable for both residential and commercial spaces, as well as data centers, along with inverters, batteries, and stabilizers. Our power backup solutions guarantee a dependable power source during blackouts, safeguarding your precious equipment and reducing downtime.

      In challenging circumstances, you can rely on National Marketers PLC for power backup solutions that ensure your business operations remain uninterrupted.

    • Enterprise Computing Solutions

      At National Marketers PLC, we offer a comprehensive range of enterprise computing solutions to meet your business needs. Our offerings include laptops, desktops, servers, reliable storage solutions, efficient backup systems, and cutting-edge VDL (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) solutions. Whether you require scalable computing power, secure data storage, or seamless virtualization, our enterprise computing solutions provide the performance and reliability your business demands.

    • Enterprise Network Solutions

      We understand the importance of a robust and efficient network infrastructure for modern businesses. Our enterprise network solutions encompass a wide array of products, including switches, routers, wireless access points, and unified communications systems. With our network solutions, you can achieve reliable connectivity, efficient data transfer, and seamless communication within your organization.

      Trust National Marketers PLC to design and implement a tailored network solution that meets your specific requirements.

    • Data Center Solutions

      National Marketers PLC offers comprehensive data center solutions to ensure the smooth operation and security of your critical infrastructure. Our solutions encompass power systems, efficient cabling systems, precision air conditioners, and other essential components. We understand the importance of maintaining optimal conditions within the data center environment to safeguard your equipment and ensure uninterrupted operations. Partner with us to design and implement a robust data center solution tailored to your needs.



        Welcome to our Physical Access Control solutions. As a trusted provider, we proudly offer a comprehensive range of products, including sensors for reliable detection, turnstiles for controlled access, automatic vehicle access control with centralized managment software. partnering with top inclass suppliers such as HID, HIKVISION AND ZKT.

        Contact us today to discuss your access control needs.


        Discover our comprehensive Surveillance Solutions, designed to provide you with advanced security and access control options. Our range includes indoor and outdoor security cameras, the Aver 4k USB Video Conference Camera, thermal cameras, network video recorders, and more from trusted brands like HIKVISION and logitech. Whether you need high-resolution monitoring, seamless video conferencing, or thermal imaging capabilities, our surveillance solutions offer reliable performance and enhanced security.

        Safeguard your premises and gain peace of mind with our cutting-edge surveillance offerings. Contact us today to find the perfect solution for your security needs.

      • Secure Identity Issuance

        We are proud to offer a comprehensive range of ID Card printers and accessories to meet your identification needs. Our selection includes industry-leading HID FARGO models such as the HDP5500, and DTC4500. These printers deliver exceptional print quality and reliability for producing professional ID cards. To complement our ID Card printers, we also provide HID FARGO Encoders, ID Ribbons, Cards, Kits, laminations, and Card personalization Software.

        These accessories ensure seamless card personalization, encoding, and lamination, enabling you to create secure and customized ID cards. With our ID Card printers and accessories, you can enhance security, streamline identification processes, and create durable and professional ID cards for various applications.

        Contact us today to discuss your ID card printing requirements and find the perfect
        solution to meet your needs.

        Banking Solutions


          Crafted for the modern banking environment, our mechanical security solutions provide unmatched protection against physical threats. From robust vaults to intricate Cash Safe & lock systems, we employ state-of-the-art design to safeguard your assets. Trust in our legacy of securing what matters most.


          Streamlining banking & financial operations, our currency management solutions ensure efficient handling, storage, and distribution of cash. Leveraging advanced technology and analytics, we enable banks and financial institutions to optimize their cash flow, reduce operational costs, and enhance the security of currency transactions.


          Empowering the backbone of modern banking operations, our range of equipment is designed to seamlessly integrate with today's dynamic banking environment. From dot matrix printers to cutting-edge KYC Data collection systems, our products prioritize efficiency, reliability, and ease of use. Dive into our collection and discover tools that redefine banking experiences.

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